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15/23090/HOU | Proposed domestic garage and store within the curtilage of the garden to the existing house. | 5 Smithy Croft Church Eaton Stafford Staffordshire ST20 0AF

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Comment submitted date: Mon 28 Dec 2015

hello Miss Jones
we would like to object to the proposed building plans at number 5 Smithy Croft.
items objecting to
1 the scale and size of the building seem excessive.
2 the choice of building material, block and render are totally alien to the locality and out of character with all local buildings
3 the roof of reclaimed slate is also out of character with the surrounding area there being none in the immediate vacinity.
4 Light and shade will be cast in our direction with the proposed building being due south of our holding.
5.One has to question the location of the proposed soakaway as this will only cause soft spots on what is now the driveway to the rear area. also it will almost certainly be flooding during the winter early spring as the water table levels are generally on the surface or only just below during the winter months. has to question the siting of the building being in the wettest part of the property and risking flooding.
a much improved place would be to site in the 90 degree angle on the layout site boundary plan. while still not visible from the road it is also a much drier location and less prone to the wet conditions.
7 The area to be built on is subject to local flooding and is often under water in heavy rain periods this is a natural flood area and building on here will only move the water problem to another property. probably the property to number 5's west aspect.
8 while we understand this building is supposed to be for domestic use it would be nice to have that in writing but we also realise that if granted it is only a retrospective planning application away from being used for commercial applications with one eye on the applicants partner and his relevent buisness.
kevin and Carol Pearson

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