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15/23105/REM | Reserved matters (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) pursuant to 13/19051/OUT | Land Between Quarry Cottage To North And Health Centre To South Knightley Road Gnosall Stafford Staffordshire

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Comment submitted date: Mon 07 Dec 2015

Thank you for bringing this application to our attention, we commented on the original application because the badgers which are present in the northern boundary had not been mitigated for and the sett tunnels and chambers will extend below the northern part of the site. I could not find an ecological survey for the amended application and the original survey will now be out of date. We request therefore that a new ecological survey is undertaken before any works commence and we would expect to see mitigation including badger-proof fencing for the properties in order that conflict between badgers and home-owners will be avoided, a wildlife corridor to safeguard the badger's access to foraging grounds which should be made a condition of planning in order that it will be protected in the future, fruiting trees included in the planting mix to mitigate for loss of feeding opportunities, the area where the badger sett is should be fenced off during construction in order that no part of the sett is in danger of being breached by heavy machinery and site management measures as listed below should be part of the site induction document.
Yours faithfully
Staffordshire Badger Conservation Group
- Ensure trenches and ditches have escape slopes built in or fitted at the end of each working day.
- Drainage or sewage pipe-work 150mm diameter, or over, be blanked off at the end of each working day.
- Workers on site are advised not to handle badgers that become trapped or fall victim to site conditions. Call out details of experienced badger rescue worker(s) included.
We would be willing to be on call for any badger related incidents.

Comment submitted date: Mon 09 Nov 2015

I strongly object to this planing application for yet more residential housing in Gnosall. As a resident of Gnosall for 10 years I am only too familiar with the limited infrastructure, particularly the road network. Travelling north or south involves driving on single track road with passing places, north via Moorend Lane to Great Bridgeford and M6 J14 and south via Bradley Lane to Penkridge and M6 J12.

Both of these lanes are already used regularly by private and commercial vehicles and I have personally witnessed one accident with an HGV on Bradely Lane and too many near misses to count. In addition we currently have a new primary school being built to meet current needs, not taking into account any pending planning applications such as this.

Vehicular access to the High Street, to all shops but in particular the Co Op is already woefully inadequate for the current volume of traffic with congestion from the Co Op car park often reaching down to the roundabout at the A518, exacerbated by the number of residents cars, quite rightly parked on the road.

I believe strongly that Gnosall does not have the infrastructure to adequately cope with further housing and recommend that this application is rejected.

Comment submitted date: Mon 09 Nov 2015

I strongly object to the building of a housing development at this site.

Roads - The surrounding roads are not suitable for such as large development. Knightley Road (a cut through to M6 North) as well as the other narrow country lanes that connects Gnosall to the local towns are already congested enough with many parts unsuitable for road vehicles. There is a concerning increase to the use 'cut-throughs' with complaints being made from neighbouring villages (Cowley Lane cuts through Church Eaton towards M6 South). The roads simply do not have the capacity to cope with much more additional use. Any further congestion in Gnosall High Street could cause dangers associated with Emergency Services not being able to gain access. Widening roads will increase vehicle road speed. More vehicles will remove the habitat of wildlife (Birds, Bats, Badgers, Hedgehogs...etc.)

Drainage - There is already outstanding drainage problems in Gnosall. Building more properties at the top of Gnosall is going to cause further problems. Green land must be protected not only for agriculture reasons, but also to maintain the natural wildlife habitats.

Rural Living - Gnosall is being overdeveloped. The rural village feel is gradually being deminished. Many residents live here for the rural feel.

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