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16/24116/FUL | Variation of condition 10 on application 15/22347/REM | Land Adjacent To Jubilee Playing Fields Main Road Great Haywood Stafford Staffordshire

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Comment submitted date: Fri 22 Jul 2016

I am very disappointed to hear that the bases of this planning application being granted was subject to an ancient hedge not being touched, but surprise surprise this is not to be the case - it strikes me these large building companies apply for planning permission being eccomical with the truth, then do what they like to maximise their profit regardless of the consequences to the environment and the local inhabitants. I therefore hope you see sense and PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN and tell Miller Homes that the hedge MUST NOT BE TOUCHED.

This is something I and many other residents feel strongly about andI hole you can make this right decision.

Comment submitted date: Thu 21 Jul 2016

I object to the application to remove the hedge on main Rd Great Haywood. How dare they apply to remove it when the initial application was rejected. There was a reason for that. Firstly and most importantly is the conservation value of the hedge. By building the houses many species will have been killed or displaced.the hedge at least will continue to provide homes and food for many birds insects and mammals. No hedge should be cut at this tome of year. Secondly the hedge provides a barrier between the houses and the road. passers by don't really want to see the houses any more than the residents will want to be on display. The flags are big enough you definitely know they are there. It is a semi rural village not a town.thirdly the hedge will not be a traffic hazard I am sure safety measures can be put in place for vehicles pulling out should there be proven to be an issue.we can be assured that if there was something the developers wanted they would find a solution.I think a compromise is essential. We live here not the developers and would like the village to keep a rural image. After all isn't that why the new residents will want to move here.

Comment submitted date: Thu 21 Jul 2016

I strongly object to the removal of this ancient hedge. This goes against the conditions of the original planning application and will ruin the feel of our much loved rural community. We do not want to view an unwanted, modern housing estate in this area of outstanding natural beauty.
The developers and Borough council have not right to go ahead with this, without proper consultation with the people who live in the villages, as we are the ones who have to live with the decision. Most people in our villages don't even know about this application which is appalling.

Comment submitted date: Thu 26 May 2016

I object to the variation of condition 10 on application 15/22347/REM.
The old established hedge is very much part of the local scene and should be considered essential in a rural location.
Any traffic problems with the exit from the housing development can be easily overcome by trimming the hedge.
The desire to remove it is yet another example of developers
granted planning permission then trying to change the conditions of the planning application.
The removal of the hedge was not part of the original planning application and should not be allowed.

Comment submitted date: Wed 18 May 2016

I wish to object to the retrospective planning application by the builders of the new housing development between The Ring, and Great Haywood, with regards to the removal of the remaining hedgerow bordering this site and the main road on grounds of safety access. Hedgerows are an integral bio diversity eco system supporting local wildlife, and as such should be retained for future generations.

Comment submitted date: Mon 16 May 2016

The hedge and the wall upon it is built are a fixture of the village and with all the new and unwanted development in the village we must preserve important historical features

Comment submitted date: Mon 16 May 2016

Removal of the hedge would seriously negatively affect the aspect from the roadway and loose the village feel... not to mention the loss of habitat for wildlife

Comment submitted date: Mon 16 May 2016

I understand that the planning was only agreed on the bases that the hawthorn hedge would remain. We live in a rural location and lovely village, we are not a commuter town. This hedge has been there for a number of years and is home to various nesting birds and also other wildlife. Removal of this hedge would permanently destroy the appearance of a rural Staffordshire village. If the planning was agreed with the hedge in place why now would it need to be removed. I believe that developers may have already removed more than agreed on the original application.

Comment submitted date: Mon 16 May 2016

It would appear that Miller Homes have removed a larger section of hedge at the front of their development than was approved and furthermore they look like they have hacked/butchered the hedge. The manner in which they have approached the cutting back of any part of the hedge shows a total disregard for something that has taken many years to grow and enhances the village setting. This hedge is long standing and will be home to much wildlife, it is bad enough that this will be suffering from the development anyway but now also their habitat may well be removed. It also provided screening to yet another residential development in the Haywoods. Miller Homes should be ashamed of themselves, they know what they have done and they know that the removal was to accommodate them marketing their homes to passing traffic with no regard to the look of the village, disgraceful.

Comment submitted date: Mon 16 May 2016

The hedge has a large and varied wildlife eco structure that would be destroyed if more of the hedge was to be removed. New builds should be in keeping with the local wildlife and village structure with hedges part of the site.

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